Preparing Your Home and Garden for Spring

By Mountgrange Heritage March 2024

Preparing Your Home and Garden for Spring

Much like the property market the seasons are rather unpredictable these days; but March is the month when the bulbs are popping up and it feels like spring is finally on the way. Now is the time to prepare for the clocks going forward by getting ready to spruce up not only the inside of your home but your outside spaces too. If you are considering selling or renting your property it is crucial that everything down to the window boxes are planted and looking their very best.

Top Gardening Jobs:

Clear those leaves. Cut back and prune as required. Jet-wash the paving. Repair all storm damaged fences and trellises. Throw away broken pots and terrace furniture.

Welcoming Wildlife:

Attracting insects into your garden is vital for birds and plant pollination. Consider planting anything that will attract insects and particularly bees into your garden.

Bird Nest Box:

As the gardens and parklands in the area become tidier, natural nest sites are disappearing.

As the gardens and parklands in the area become tidier, natural nest sites are disappearing. For those of you lucky enough to have a garden, consider caring for our feathered friends by putting up bird nest boxes providing them with a safe space to raise their chicks, which has never been more crucial.

Below are our go-to nurseries:

Rassells Garden Centre

80 Earls Court Road, W8

Charles Rassell set up his florist’s shop in 1897 at the end of Pembroke Square and then some years later bought the land which this legendary Kensington Garden Centre sits on today. There is nowhere better in the Borough to find what you need for your garden. 

Russell’s instagram

Clifton Nurseries

5A Clifton Villas, W9

Tucked away in Little Venice is the magical Clifton Nurseries. It is a horticultural paradise, providing a wide range of plants, flowers, and gardening accessories. Explore their offerings to transform your outdoor oasis.

Tulip Landscapes

Local to Notting Hill

Need expert guidance on window boxes? Turn to Tulip Landscapes for personalised recommendations and creative solutions, enhancing your windows with blooming beauty.

Cameron Gardeners

St Marks Road, W10

Cameron Gardeners brings a touch of sophistication to outdoor spaces with their expertise in garden design, landscaping, and maintenance services. Elevate your garden to new heights with their skilled team.

Garden Club London

125 Sydney Street, SW3

Beyond a garden centre, Garden Club London is your go-to destination for comprehensive gardening services. Offering design, landscaping, and maintenance, they ensure your outdoor haven reflects your unique style.