Meet the lettings team

Our lettings team works hard to ensure all our rental properties get the exposure they need. Unlike other agents, we do not work in competition with each other but as a team to show tenants to the most suitable properties. We cover a wide area of West London including Notting Hill, Kensington, North Kensington, Bayswater, Marylebone, Earls Court and Chelsea for both long and short lets.

Liz Thomson, Mountgrange HeritageLiz Thomson
020 7313 3716

Liz joined the Lettings Department of a well-respected local agent at the age of 25. Having studied modern languages and business at university, she had always thrived in a sales environment. Within three years she was running the lettings team and had amassed a tribe of loyal clients. Now with over 20 years in the business, Liz has a well-deserved reputation as a big hitter in the local lettings market and unrivalled experience of dealing with Landlords and Tenants.

“I’m a frustrated architect at heart and I never tire of property. I like to build long-term relationships with my clients; nothing is more rewarding than knowing they completely trust me with their biggest investment.”

Karina Piechowiak, Mountgrange HeritageKarina Piechowiak
Lettings Director
020 7368 4416

Karina has worked in residential lettings in Central London for 14 years. With a degree in law and experience in many areas of the industry including; front of office lettings, renewals and refurbishment, Karina has gained a wide range of knowledge of the lettings market. Karina has a keen interest in music, history and politics but also enjoys travelling, socialising and weekends in the country with her large extended family.

“I am thrilled to be working for such a friendly and knowledgeable team at Mountgrange Heritage. Their honesty and integrity are unrivalled in the industry and it is great to work with such a close-knit and happy group of people.”

Camilla Wright, Mountgrange HeritageCamilla Wright
Lettings Associate
020 7243 7883

Camilla was previously working in an administrative capacity for a family run property portfolio management company based in Chelsea. After 3 years she felt her passion was for residential property and as she really enjoys meeting new people and has boundless energy and enthusiasm decided that working in lettings in Notting Hill was the perfect place to hone her skills.

“It is a great pleasure to be working for Mountgrange Heritage as there is such a friendly and caring feel to everything that they do. It is exciting to be part of the team.”

Laura Vorosmarty, Mountgrange HeritageLaura Vorosmarty
Associate Director – Accounts
020 7243 7884

Laura joined the company in 2007 having initially worked in Media Marketing at a Publishing Company in Budapest. Laura has been instrumental in maintaining a high level of efficiency in our Accounts Department.  Having lived for several years in the Kent suburbs with her young family she enjoys the energy of Notting Hill during the week.

“One might think that doing accounts is the least exciting role; however, at Mountgrange I have the autonomy to add my inimitable brand of diligence and creativity to the job.”

Georgie Noel Shore, Mountgrange HeritageGeorgie Noel-Shore
Lettings Director
020 7243 7882

Georgie graduated with a BA (Hons) in Economics & Politics from UEA, then spent a year travelling before starting her property career with a large London estate agent. Having spent 10 years in residential lettings within a corporate environment Georgie brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Mountgrange Heritage.

“Working in a smaller independent agent means I have more time to spend with clients ensuring my team listen to what they want. It’s great to be working with likeminded people who care about the smaller details and getting the job done properly.”

Annabel Kastelic
Lettings Director
020 8962 5917

Annabel was born and raised in London and has experienced its vibrancy and culture first hand, she has always had a passion and interest in London and its wide array of properties. After graduating from the University of Portsmouth and obtaining a degree in Sociology, Annabel threw herself straight into the property industry starting at a large corporate estate agency and specialised in short lets during her time. 6 years later she progressed onto Mountgrange to offer a more personable and specialised service for landlords, bringing with her an array of experience particularly within the short let market.

“I enjoy working in a tightknit team where customer service is the focus, we are able to work together efficiently and seamlessly to achieve the best results for our landlords and tenants alike.”

Rachel Harris, Mountgrange HeritageRachel Harris
Associate Director
020 7313 3717

Rachel has been working in the property industry since graduating from the University of Reading with a degree in Philosophy. She started her career at a corporate agency which gave her great foundational skills in tenancy management. Once established Rachel sought to move to an agency with a more personal feel and the opportunity to really engage with her clients, Mountgrange Heritage was the perfect fit. In her spare time she enjoys running, seeing friends and exploring London’s many bars and restaurants.

“I love the feeling you get in Notting Hill, with its reputation as a fashionable and affluent area its unlike anywhere else in London. I enjoy the challenges presented by tenancy vanagement which I’ve learned is just as much about people as property.”

Jack Thomas
Lettings Associate
020 7313 3712

Jack studied Civil Engineering at Cardiff University where he was also involved in high performance sport, competing for Wales in rowing at the Commonwealth Games. After leaving University he went on to coach rowing in a private school and alongside his coaching he played an important role in his family’s property development company.

“I wanted to work with people who were passionate about what they do; at Mountgrange the entire team are consummate professionals with a wealth of experience in the industry. I am so delighted to be developing my career in property in this environment as I believe I cannot fail to thrive.”