• “Your modus operandi is a breath of fresh air”
    M.C., vendor,
    January 2019

  • “You are more
    genuine than other
    agents and seem to have a real sense of empathy.”
    B.M., landlord,
    January 2019

  • “They went the extra mile with our numerous queries and requests.”
    H.R., vendor,
    January 2019

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Time to buy in prime central London

Could now be the time to buy in prime central London? For some it appears the answer is ‘yes’. Anecdotally, agents are reporting an increase in applicants registering, while analysis of prime central London (PCL) data shows the number…

Will extending the lease cure my service charge problems?

Unfortunately, the short answer to this question is generally ‘no’, extending the lease will not cure your service charge problems. Although there may be some areas where renewal of the lease will help with service charge problems. What…
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Brexit effect on property

London based mortgage brokers, Coreco give us their view on the Brexit effect on property. The headlines at the moment are still full of stories around what will happen with Brexit. Some are honest opinions, whilst others are clearly…