• “Mountgrange
    dealt with a very complex process in a highly intelligent way”
    T.S., landlord, September 2018

  • “The only agent
    that was acting in my best interest and not trying to make a quarterly sales quota.”
    M.J., buyer,
    September 2018

  • “Good local agents
    make all the difference between a sale happening and not happening.”
    K.P., vendor,
    September 2018

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Will extending the lease cure my service charge problems?

Unfortunately, the short answer to this question is generally ‘no’, extending the lease will not cure your service charge problems. Although there may be some areas where renewal of the lease will help with service charge problems. What…
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Brexit effect on property

London based mortgage brokers, Coreco give us their view on the Brexit effect on property. The headlines at the moment are still full of stories around what will happen with Brexit. Some are honest opinions, whilst others are clearly…
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Open House London 2018: Notting Hill and Chelsea

It’s that time of year where the weather is turning colder and leaves are falling off the trees. It can be tempting to snuggle up and stay indoors. This weekend there is something on that will make you to want to leave the house – Open House…