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According to research by the Dogs Trust  almost half of the UK population own a pet, yet it can be incredibly difficult for tenants to find rental properties in London that allow pets. As one of the best-established pet friendly letting agents in London, we specialise in matching pet owners with pet friendly flats and houses.

We are members of the Dogs Trust Lets with Pets scheme which encourages landlords to rent to pet owners and provides a raft of advice to pet and property owners alike.

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We ask all our landlords if they would consider accepting pets and our team are always on hand to talk through any questions or concerns they may have. We question all prospective tenants to ensure that only responsible pet owners are shown your property. We will also ensure the tenancy agreement includes a relevant pet policy clause to protect you against any extra wear and tear.

Why pet friendly lettings?

Put simply, letting your property to pet owners can help you maximise your rental returns. You will open yourself up to a far larger proportion of the market and because it is so difficult to find pet-friendly properties, tenants with pets tend to be very responsible and often stay longer.

Things to consider when renting to pet owners:

  • Speak to prospective tenants about their pet before you decide to accept them. You can ask for a pet “reference” from their previous landlord or vet.
  • Ask to meet the pet
  • If your property is leasehold, check your lease allows pets in the property
  • Decide in advance what type of pet and how many you’re willing to allow

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As one of London’s few pet friendly letting agents, we ask all our landlords to consider pets and work with them to ensure they’re comfortable with the idea. As a pet owner, you can improve your chances of finding a home by being prepared. If you can prove to landlords that you are a responsible owner of a well-behaved pet, you’re most of the way there.

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If you are relocating to London from elsewhere in the UK or overseas, we can help you get the best support for your pet while you move and while you settle into your new home.

Things to consider

  • Prepare a reference for your pet which we can send to prospective landlords
  • Introduce your dog or cat to the landlord to put their mind at ease
  • Offer to have the property professionally cleaned when leaving the propert

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