Pet lovers love us

It’s official; we’re a nation of pet lovers. According to research carried out by the Dogs Trust, half of us live with a furry, feathered or fluffy best friend.

For many people, a house isn’t a home without a pet, that’s why we’re proud to call ourselves a pet-friendly letting agent.

Pet-friendly lettings in Kensington, Notting Hill and North Kensington.

We know how tricky it can be to find a rental property in London that accepts pets. To make your search easier we advise our clients on the advantages of doing so.

Why get pet-friendly?

The market for pet-friendly properties is booming, particularly in Kensington, Notting Hill and North Kensington. Advertising your property as pet-friendly can help you maximise rents and from experience, we’ve found that people with pets not only make responsible tenants, they often stay longer.

We have dogs so the fact that pet friendly properties can be easily picked out on the website from those which do not allow pets is great.

Tenant, North Kensington

We’ve been a pet-friendly letting agent for years, so we know all the ins and outs. All prospective tenants are thoroughly vetted (forgive the pun) and our tenancy agreement covers you for any damage caused by pets.

First class service. I was kept constantly informed of progress by the team. Your market knowledge is excellent.

Landlord, Notting Hill

Things for landlords to consider:

  • Speak to prospective tenants about their pet and ask to meet it
  • Ask for a ‘reference’ from their previous landlord or their vet
  • If your property is leasehold, check your lease allows pets
  • Decide what types of pet and how many you’re willing to allow.

If you’ve never considered letting your property to a tenant with a pet, our experienced lettings team will answer any questions.

Things for tenants to consider:

  • Ask your previous landlord and vet to write a reference for your pet
  • Introduce your pet to the landlord to put their mind at ease
  • Get permission in writing and make sure out-of-date ‘No Pets’ clauses are removed from your tenancy agreement.