Top tips to sell your house this spring - bouquet of red tulips on a table

Top tips to sell your house this spring

Many people believe that spring is the best time to put your property on the market. Both Christmas and the summer break are a long way away so there’s lots of time for things to happen without being interrupted by holidays. We’ve always found that there are more active buyers on the market at this time of year.

Top tips to sell your house this spring - bouquet of red tulips on a table

Plus there’s the added bonus of the sunshine brightening everything up and the garden starting to look inviting again.

Read our top tips to sell your house this spring and get moving!

1. Spring Clean

After a long winter, now is the time to throw open the windows, get your marigolds on and give your home a good old spring clean. If your property can sparkle, it will have far more chance of impressing buyers.

Make sure you clean your windows inside and out as spring sun can really show up dirt. Hoover up cobwebs from ceilings and corners. Give your rugs a shake out and if you can, give them a steam clean. Lots of people own a steam cleaner so try and borrow one or you can hire them from DIY shops.

The same goes for curtains, blinds and lampshades. You want to get rid of every speck of dust and dirt. A day’s work can make a huge difference in clearing out all traces of winter gloom.

2. Add some colour inside and out

Spring is the time of year when flowers explode into a riot of colour. Our favourite the tulip is available in a huge variety of colours and can be planted in containers for an instant hit of vibrancy or placed in vases in the living room and kitchen to bring them to life. Tulips and other spring flowers aren’t expensive either so you can afford to splash out.

Think about the journey potential buyers might take around your property and ensure you brighten up the best bits with a strategically placed bunch of flowers, window box or container.

You could also introduce a new piece of artwork or framed photo. Do note though that potential buyers prefer neutral images and not huge photos of you and your family as it might make them feel uncomfortable.

3. Have a clear out

Alongside a spring clean, have a clear out of your clutter. There are loads of charity bags doing the rounds at this time of year and recycling banks take all sorts of household items such as books, small electricals, CDs, DVDs, shoes, clothes and accessories.

It can be a liberating process having a clear out and can instantly make your property seem tidier and less cluttered. If you don’t want to give stuff away, make sure personal belongings are stored out of sight for viewings. A tidy property is far easier to sell than one with personal effects everywhere.

4. Spruce up the bathroom and kitchen

We don’t advise getting a new bathroom or kitchen before selling your property, as the new owners will most likely want to put their own in. However giving them both a spruce up can make a big difference.

If the grouting or silicon is looking grubby, re-do it. If you have a shower curtain, replace it. If the floor looks tired, get it painted, varnished or buy a new bathmat. Give both rooms a thorough clean to get rid of any stains. And if they’re looking really tired, a lick of fresh paint won’t go amiss on the walls and cabinets.

If you don’t have the time to do these jobs, we highly recommend getting a handyman in for a few days. A proper spruce up can make a world of difference.

5. Tidy up the outdoor space

If you have any outdoor space, make sure you clear all traces of winter away. Power wash any paved areas, prune dead stems, reshape shrubs and introduce some spring flowers. If you have some space leading up to your front door, put out some fresh containers to make your property seem inviting and make a great first impression.

6. Get pets out of the way

You may think that pets make a home but your potential buyers may not. If you have pets, make sure they are out of the way and that any evidence of them is safely stashed out of sight. Make sure any odour from litter trays has been dealt with and fur has been vacuumed from soft furnishings.

7. Tell your agent EVERYTHING!

The more your estate agent knows about your property, your neighbours and the street – both good and bad – the better prepared they will be to answer any questions potential buyers may have.

It’s far better to disclose everything up front than risk a sale falling through because a buyer finds out something like a crucial piece of information on local building work halfway through the process.

If you have lighting, sound or heating systems, show us how they work so we can demonstrate them and use them as a selling point. Fancy gadgetry can help sell if we know how to use it!

We’re halfway through April already and though it feels like spring has only just started, summer isn’t long away. If you’re thinking of selling your property, talk to an agent as soon as you can. We offer no obligation valuations to all of our clients.

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