My month

My month in Kensington

Georgina Bolton, Sales Associate in Kensington has had a successful sales month and is looking forward to warmer days this spring.

My month

What has been your personal highlight this month?

Last month I was instrumental in achieving one of the quickest sales at a record level. The property in question was an imposing and spectacular mansion flat on the Cedar Estate. A wonderful family lovingly used it as their London bolt hole for over 30 years so it needed some TLC. It was vast, had fabulous views and was one of the best on the block. Two people obviously felt the same and a bidding war ensued, which resulted in an attended exchange (very rare!) and achieving 5% over the asking price. It was an exhilarating day for all involved!

My month
Describe an exceptional property on the market this month?

The gatehouse at Scarsdale Studios. This unique artist studio was built in 1891, and was originally a one-storey house. In the 50s and 60s it increased by an additional two floors to make it the wonderful three-storey house it is today. What makes it really special to me are the views from the roof terrace; they reach out over the Kensington chimney tops in a ‘Mary Poppins-esque’ manner. Having not been touched for 32 years, it gives the potential buyer scope to produce a contemporary and unique masterpiece.

What has been the most challenging aspect to this month?

Helping a wonderfully
 loyal vendor overcome 
a deal collapsing
 through no fault of his 
own. The vendor had
 been accommodating, upfront, honest and proactive to enable a smooth transaction, so when the deal went south I felt terrible for him, and it was a hard call to make. Luckily for him we already have two more strong offers on the table.

What are you most looking forward to next month?

Spring is on our doorstep and as the days get longer, I am very much looking forward to playing tennis after work, something I miss terribly in the winter months. Most of all I am looking forward to the outcome of the election next month; with the uncertainty removed I hope people’s confidence will come back so the market can find its natural rhythm again.

Tell us about your favourite lunch spot and what you like to eat

My favourite local eatery would undoubtedly have to be Fait Maison. It has not only provided my lunch for the past 18 months but has also fuelled my caffeine addiction. My mornings would not be the same without my very large Americano, which is now known to the staff who make my order without me even stepping into the café – at 8.15am, it is ready on the side for me to pick up.

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Georgina Bolton
Sales Associate, Mountgrange Heritage
23 March 2015