Mountgrange Heritage Market Comment

Chloe Leefe, Mountgrange HeritageThe first quarter of this year has been fantastically busy; people seem very keen to get moving in 2013. Of the several deals we tied up in the space of a few weeks last month, the majority were below the new stamp duty threshold of 7% which is telling. As has been widely reported, it really is a sellers’ market at the moment with a real lack of stock driving the slightly feverish feel to things.

But be warned, buyers are far more savvy these days and are doing their research – meaning they won’t pay over the odds. Realistically priced properties are receiving fantastic interest and in most cases receiving multiple bids and asking price offers. Although the media focus is on this borough being an international buyer’s market, of all the properties we have under offer, half of them are to British buyers. Which just goes to show, don’t believe everything you read in the papers!

Chloe Leefe
Associate Director – Sales, Mountgrange Heritage
Posted: 15 March 2013