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Breaking the Mould of Estate Agents Fixed Sales Fees

Michael Wilson, Mountgrange Heritage SalesEstate Agents fees. Now there’s a topic to get people talking. And not necessarily in a positive way either.

Estate Agents fees can be as little as 1% of the sale price up to as much as 3%, depending on the competitiveness of the market and the quality of the agent, but in almost all circumstances the fee is fixed at the point of instructing the agent, leaving you committed to pay the agreed percentage irrespective of whether your agent’s performance proves to be heroic or hopeless.

This whole discussion got us thinking. If people in general feel that we agents are not providing good value when it comes to selling their property, why not turn things on their head and let people decide what they want to pay once their property has sold?

So that’s exactly what we’ve done at Mountgrange Heritage. We’re decided to break the mould of agents fixed sales fees to let our vendors decide what percentage of the property price they want to pay us once we’ve successfully sold their property. That way they can evaluate our service and our results and reward us accordingly.

It works like this. You instruct us to sell your property. We then throw all our efforts into doing so, using the expertise of our whole team. This includes expert advice in the valuation process, expert advice during the viewing stage and then help throughout the period when the sale is going through. Over the number of weeks that it takes for a sale to go through, you’ll find that we work tirelessly on your behalf to secure you the best buyer at the best possible price. And, perish the thought, if that buyer falls through (and they sometimes do, for many different reasons), we will be on hand to find another one as soon as possible.

Only when you’ve successfully completed the sale of your property will we ask you to decide what fee you want to pay us. It makes total sense to us and we hope it does to you. It’s only by challenging accepted but unpopular practises that we can improve the way our industry is perceived.

Since we trialled this new flexible fee structure at the end of 2013, it’s been incredibly popular. So much so that we’ve decided to make it a permanent policy. So if you want to sell your property without having a moan about the fees you have to pay, why not give me a call?

Michael Wilson
Director – Head of Sales
020 7243 7888
25 March 2014

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