12 Flavours of Mountgrange Heritage

Liz Thomson, Mountgrange HeritageWe knew our team are a talented bunch in the office but it seems that their talent extends to the kitchen too.

We recently asked team members to share a recipe that was close to their heart and the results have been collated into a set of recipe cards which we’re sending out to residents in Kensington & Chelsea and surrounding areas over the next 12 months.

By dropping a monthly recipe card through our neighbours’ doors we hope to inspire people to try out something new and seasonal in the kitchen and in the process find out more about what makes the Mountgrange Team tick!

Each card features the person who provided the recipe, giving their reason why it’s so good – and why people at home should give it a go. The range of recipes reflects some of the different personalities we have working at Mountgrange Heritage – from a Cornish lady and her fish pie to an Asian flower and her dainty Green Tea Balls.

The first card featuring Goats’ Cheese Soufflé has just been distributed with the next card hitting the doormat at the end of the month.

We hope you enjoy them.

Liz Thomson
Marketing Director
Posted: 6 February 2013