Pet friendly testimonials

As one of London’s pioneering pet friendly letting agents, we have many landlords and tenants who have their own story to tell about renting with pets. Read some of our latest pet friendly testimonials below.

Pet Friendly Testimonials / Pet Friendly Testimonials

Why we’re pet friendly

Britain is a nation of animal lovers – nearly half of us own a pet – yet many pet owners find it incredibly hard to find properties that are happy to accept their four-legged friends.

We launched our Pet Friendly Lets scheme to make it easier for pet owning tenants to find a home and ask all landlords to consider pets. We also check with vendors about whether or not their buildings are pet friendly. In turn our team is able to advise potential purchasers or tenants on which parks and communal gardens are dog-friendly, where the nearest vet is located and so on.

We are also able to recommend our local pet shops, dog walkers and pooch parlours. We clearly label pet friendly properties on our own website and the property portals such as RightmovePrimeLocationand Zoopla.

Landlord’s story – Deirdre Cordwell

“My tenants have a spaniel and when we met they were rather desperate as they had drawn so many blanks in their search for a home. All landlords should consider pets otherwise they are are missing out on a huge part of the market. My advice to fellow landlords? Don’t be frightened!

Meet the tenants and establish a relationship with them and meet the pet too before making a decision. As a landlord you will be asked whether you will consider pets more and more – it makes economic sense to consider it.”

Tenant’s story – Lynne McAllister

“We viewed over 15 properties and some of them weren’t prepared to accept Coco, our beloved Havanese. Many of the viewings ended up being a waste of everyone’s time as the agents didn’t check in advance whether the landlord would allow dogs.

We’ve paid an extra deposit to allow for Coco but I totally understand that – it’s an insurance policy for the landlord against any damage.”

Tenant’s story – Tom Frost

“My brother and I had wanted a dog for years – then last year we got Tilly. The fact we have a good relationship with our landlord helped. He trusts us to look after the flat and basically said ‘any damage you pay for’. We amended the tenancy agreement to protect the landlord’s interests and that was it.

It’s safe to say that Tilly has transformed our lives. My brother has lived here for nine years but didn’t really know anyone in the community. One year of having a dog has totally changed that. Given the huge positive impact they have on our lives, it’s a crying shame that it’s so difficult.”

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