Winter 2017

It has been another rollercoaster year in our local housing market, but it hasn’t been all doom and gloom. There is no doubt the property market has slowed; however, people are still investing in property and both our sales and lettings teams have seen steady activity throughout the year. We hope our latest Village Matters newsletter will provide some insight on the state of the market. As always we are proud to promote a few new businesses in our Villages, along with an interesting tale from a long standing resident. Read on!

“It’s about looking at yourself and conquering the beliefs, conditions and attitudes that no longer serve you. I have always known that going outside the comfort zone is where the magic happens.” Emma Ball

The New Year edition of our newsletter features market comment as well as features on some of our favourite local businesses. The Lexi Cinema in Kensal Rise is a great example of how a business can be run for the community and it just happens to stock Moncada beer, made right here in Notting Hill.  Also featured is a wonderful new book about the effect of food on mood by ex-Journalist and mental health expert Rachel Kelly. We hope you enjoy the read.

Rachel Kelly - Mental health expert

“It’s no coincidence that we use phrases like ‘gut-feeling’ and ‘sick to the stomach’ and I believe we’re on the cusp of a whole new way of thinking about the gut and mental health.” Rachel Kelly

Mountgrange Heritage Village Matters Newsletter - Autumn-Winter 2016

We all knew that 2016 was going to be a momentous year and so it has been. We were as surprised as any at the decision to leave the European Union and it had a significant impact on the local property market. Read about it in this issue. Also featured are several female entrepreneurs; a duo of Serenas in Notting Hill, a milliner to the stars and a new ethical sleepwear brand.

“Hats are brilliant things. They have the power to transform your look and mood; they provide glamour and inject a touch of fun into your day.” – Jess Collett, Milliner

After a fairly eventful 2015 we’re settling into the more sedate pace of 2016 with a strong lettings market and a cautious but steady sales market, particularly for properties under £2m. This issue features the usual mix of local businesses including many frequented by our team across Notting Hill and Kensington.

Mountgrange Heritage Village Matters Newsletter - Spring 2016

We love reporting on new businesses in our area so were delighted to go and sample Sweet Things Bakery on Blenheim Crescent, which is the second bakery to be opened by Masterchef finalist Natalie Allen.

Mountgrange Heritage Village Matters Newsletter - Autumn 2015

2015 seems to have flown by and we’re looking forward to what is traditionally a busy time in the property market. Lettings have been incredibly busy since the election but sales were somewhat flatter over the summer. This issue features some of our new neighbours on Kensington Park Road. Enjoy.

“The opening of our café has transformed the Pedlars and we’ve made so many new friends in Notting Hill. Not only do people pop in for quirky gifts but also the best coffee in W11!”

2015 has been dominated by the general election and how this might influence the demand for London property. Whatever the outcome, we remain confident of a successful year once the uncertainty is over. This issue features plenty of local businesses as well as news of a wonderful photographic exhibition on the Tuareg of the Sahara at the Royal Geographical Society.

Mountgrange Heritage Village Matters Newsletter - Spring-Summer 2015

Often referred to as the ‘blue men of the desert’ the Tuareg have lived in extreme conditions deep in the Sahara for over a thousand years. A new photographic exhibition shows their life with extraordinary insight.

Mountgrange Heritage Village Matters Newsletter - New Year 2015

2014 was an extraordinary year for us; starting with amazing fervour with buyers regularly entering bidding wars, which pushed sale prices higher and higher. We then saw a slight pause in the summer before a more sustained period of strong activity in the autumn. In celebration of our move to Kensington Park Road, we’re bringing you some of our favourite Notting Hill hangouts in this issue.

Luke Tozer, co-founder of local architect Pitman Tozer is the living embodiment of the phrase ‘practice what you preach’. Luke’s own house is Gap House, a narrow new build Notting Hill townhouse that won the RIBA Manser Medal in 2009.

2014 has been quite a year so far. The incredible upwards momentum in the housing market that started last year has continued apace and even though things have slowed in recent months, the market in our area remains buoyant and we’re experiencing a busy autumn, both in the sales and lettings markets.

Mountgrange Heritage Village Matters Newsletter - Autumn-Winter 2014

“Most of my jewellery collections are inspired from the natural world. I love nature and religiously collect biological and entomological specimens such as leaves and insects on my travels, using a technique I call ‘cast from life’ to re-create them as faithfully as possible into a piece of jewellery.”

Mountgrange Heritage Village Matters Newsletter - Summer 2014

We’ve been incredibly busy with our sales team securing fantastic prices for their clients and the lettings market has a spring back in its step. After opening our fourth office last year, it’s been all systems go for the team in Bayswater as they settle into the rhythm of the local area. The flower kiosk in St Helen’s Gardens, W10 is proving to be a runaway success with locals flocking to pick up their weekly bouquets. As ever, this issue features some of our favourite local friends as well as the all important market update.

Exeter Street Bakery was set up eleven years ago by James Stephenson along with business partners Mike Lawless and Jon Forsyth with the aim of producing top notch Italian craft bread, only using traditional techniques.

For anyone involved in the property market 2013 was an unforgettable 12 months. It was a year of feverish speculation and activity, the level of which took many by surprise – stoked by government policy and media scrutiny. It was also an incredibly exciting year for Mountgrange Heritage. We opened our fourth office on Craven Terrace, W2 and are now proud owners of a beautiful flower kiosk outside our office on St Helen’s Gardens, W10. This issue features a few of our new neighbours in Bayswater as well as friends from our other offices. We hope you enjoy it.

Mountgrange Heritage Village Matters Newsletter - New Year 2014

“We like to bring together opposites, whether that be the marriage of traditional ideas with modern techniques. We find that bringing together opposing ideas creates a fertile creative ground” – Kyle Buchanan, Architect

Mountgrange Heritage Village Matters Newsletter - Autumn-Winter 2013

The press has been filled with stories of a property market boom and whilst we can’t testify that all you read is true, we can say one thing for sure – Mountgrange Heritage is booming! In fact we’re very proud to announce the opening of our fourth office on Craven Terrace in Bayswater. As well as the usual features on local entrepreneurs, we’re also pleased to share news on the great arts projects we sponsor – Portobello Film Festival and KCMS.

“I wanted to create a beautiful space in which to showcase my complete collection of footwear as well as the opportunity to offer more specialist retail services. My vision is to offer people an escape from the urban environment into one of serenity where they can take time to browse.” – Penelope Chilvers

2013 has seen one of the busiest starts to a year that any of us can remember; not only has the local sales and lettings market been extremely buoyant but we’ve been working on other great things too. Our residential development department, established just 18 months ago, has been involved in some exciting deals and our plans for a florist’s kiosk outside our W10 office are taking shape. We’ve also been focussing on growing our Pet Friendly Lettings scheme and we’re launching a competition in this issue to get budding artists out there to paint their pet.

Mountgrange Heritage Village Matters Newsletter Summer 2013

“I love baking cakes, in particular spending time getting the intricate decoration spot on. It was this love that led me on to working freelance on bespoke wedding cakes. Most of my work comes from word of mouth and I work closely with brides on the design of their cake.” – Jess Leefe

Mountgrange Heritage Village Matters Newsletter - New Year 2013

As we brush ourselves down and check that we’re all still here – it seems the world didn’t quite end in 2012 the way the Mayans predicted – we look forward to another busy year. A highlight from last year was the opening of our third office in St Helens Gardens, W10. We’ve already made lots of friends, some of whom are featured in this issue. As a team of animal lovers, we were also proud to launch our Pet Friendly Lettings scheme where we help dog and cat owners find a home that’s right for them.

“If you are selling a leasehold flat and the buyer wishes to obtain a lease extension, it is possible to serve a notice requiring a lease extension, and to sell with the benefit of that notice. However, it is a complex procedure and expert advice is necessary.” – AE Law

What a golden year 2012 has been so far. First the Queen’s Jubilee, then the best Olympics ever staged and in spite of the economic gloom we have been busy. We so enjoyed opening our W10 office on St Helen’s Gardens earlier in the year and have received such a warm welcome and made many friends. We are introducing you to some more of them this issue. We have loved sponsoring the Portobello Film Festival again and the Kensington & Chelsea Music Society is about to start their new programme of events at Leighton House.

Mountgrange Heritage Village Matters Newsletter - Autumn-Winter 2012

“I find by the time people have done all the hard work of refurbishing their houses, they lose enthusiasm when it comes to the finishing touches. This is when I like to energise them to discover new and interesting textiles, curtains and lampshades.” Nicky Mudie, Interior Designer

Mountgrange Heritage Village Matters Newsletter - Spring-Summer 2012

Spring is here at last and despite the struggling economy and the crisis in the Eurozone the demand for property is as strong as ever. We are delighted to have opened our third office in W10 and would like to thank the local community for the warm welcome we have received there. In this issue we are introducing you to one of our new neighbours as well as the man behind the St Helen’s Residents’ Association who champion local planning and environmental issues.

“We have the finest library of reference books for fabrics, so you no longer have to go all the way to Chelsea Harbour,” Sonita Kember, Kensington Design

We want to introduce you to some of the ardent campaigners in our villages who work hard to keep them the special places they are to live. We also thought you should know about the diligent efforts of the Edwardes Square, Scarsdale & Abingdon Association. A new season has just started for KCMS at the beautifully restored Leighton House who we are happy to sponsor for the sixth year running.

Mountgrange Heritage Village Matters Newsletter - Autumn-Winter 2011

To describe Martin Miller as a Renaissance man almost does him a disservice, as he’s spanned so many different areas of expertise he’s almost gone beyond the polymath stage. Miller is probably best known for his successful Lyle and Miller’s antique guides.

Mountgrange Heritage Village Matters Newsletter - Spring-Summer 2011

Easter brought us summer weather and then the Royals brought us a wedding but the question is – what will the property market bring us this year? We anticipate more of the same; an ever-constant demand for homes to rent and buy in the villages we love. We bring you some more friends from the local community who make Notting Hill and Kensington better places to live. This time we have a theatre, a gallery, a choir and a used car salesman – read on and find out more about what is going on just down the street from you.

“It’s lovely to see a choir blossom, with young and old members all standing up together and singing a diverse range of classical, pop, rock jazz and musical theatre tunes,” MJ Parazino, founder of West London Choir

Happy Newsletter to you all from us all – our resolution is to keep on doing what we do best which is to take care of all your property needs in our own special way. The market promises to remain buoyant and as the days get longer and lighter we anticipate as much energy and activity in our village as ever. We are delighted to introduce you to more of the personalities who make up our community – a cup cake queen, a flower girl and many more.

Mountgrange Heritage Village Matters Newsletter - New Year 2011

“I come from a ceramics background, and Pierre, originally an architect, was looking for someone to open the London shop for him. We’ve now been working together for 16 years!” Ann Hughes, Pierre Mesguich Mosaics

Mountgrange Heritage Village Matters Newsletter - Autumn-Winter 2010

This newsletter brings you only good news! Contrary to all the predictions of a roller coaster year in property we have seen nothing but increases in sales and lettings and a recovery of values all around. As usual we want to introduce you to a few more of our friends in the local community – both old and new! Like the team at Up Box who are old friends doing great new things and then there is the fabulous new Deli on Abingdon Road which you simply must seek out for culinary treats.

Following a £1.6m refurbishment project, Leighton House has reopened with the original fabric of the building repaired, the interiors redecorated and original features restored.

Spring arrived late but the property market started to heat up much more quickly than the weather. Even with election mania, volcanoes erupting and airports closing, the demand for houses and flats to rent and buy has been so high that it has outstripped supply. We have introduced you to some more village members in this edition and hope you enjoy what they have to say.

Mountgrange Heritage Village Matters Newsletter - Summer 2010

“I have always worn one – my mum got it from a little guy in the bazaar – and my grandmother has one pinned to her bra.” Jewellery designer Vanessa Kandiyoti, on the importance of the Turkish ‘evil eye’

Mountgrange Heritage Village Matters Newsletter New Year 2010

Welcome to the New Year and a new decade. Our fingers are freezing as we write this latest edition of Village Matters but we hope you’re sharing our feeling of optimism for a warmer property market throughout 2010 and beyond; there are many positive signs that the economy is improving, not least the continued strong demand in the local housing market. This year promises to be a big year for us as it’s our first full year as new owners of the company – we’re really looking forward to further building our reputation in the local community.

We’re proud to have several distinguished authors as clients, none more so than Rose Elliot MBE. Rose has carved out a reputation as Britain’s recipes and creative approach to vegetarian food.

2009 has been a busy year so far. Our biggest news is that we have undergone a management buy-out, meaning we are now in charge of ourselves. Not a bad place to be as we come out one of the most unsettled property markets in a very long time. Things are looking good in the Village and there continues to be huge demand for properties both to buy and to rent. We had great fun at the Portobello Film Festival just recently and received an unprecedented response to our Kids’ Art Competition.

Mountgrange Heritage Village Matters Newsletter Autumn-Winter 2009

Our business is as much about people as it is about bricks and mortar and it is the human element that makes it fun. Author, prolific journalist and filmmaker, Reggie Nadelson is one of the great characters we are honoured to look after.

Mountgrange Heritage Village Matters Newsletter Spring-Summer 2009

Thank goodness it’s spring and despite what the papers say we are all still here – we haven’t collapsed under the insufferable weight of their doom and gloom-mongering. There are still houses to sell and flats to rent and people who want to live in London. This time we thought we’d introduce you to a new kid on the block who is doing a roaring trade in his café on the Portobello Road and to a legendary figure who campaigns relentlessly for a better Notting Hill.

Having studied architecture at Bristol University and as head of John Cullen lighting since 1986 Sally Storey has gone on to be designer to the stars. She is a master at making the ordinary extraordinary.

We promise not to deliver any bad news – there’s quite enough of that around and despite what the media tell you property is still being sold and let. We thought we’d introduce you to two more of our village members, say goodbye to one flower girl and hello to a new one. The autumn brings a new season of concerts from the wonderful young classical musicians we support through the Kensington & Chelsea Music Society.

Mountgrange Heritage Village Matters Newsletter Autumn 2008

The Garbstore is unique and fabulous – simply a must if you are shopping in Notting Hill.

Mountgrange Heritage Village Matters Newsletter Summer 2008

Some of you actually told us you enjoyed the first issue and so here we are again with the second of our quarterly newsletters. Not too much estate agency but more on our fellow village members who some of you already know or should get to know. The sad news is that, despite all our rallying to the contrary, the post offices have been closed both in Ladbroke Grove and Stratford Road. The happy news is that we are helping the Portobello Film Festival again this summer.

We are delighted to be sponsoring this year’s Portobello Film Festival. The festival theme this year is carnival and it will premiere over 700 new films.

As estate agents we don’t always get great press – we know that. But at Mountgrange Heritage we aim to break the mould by going that little bit further for our clients. Last year we started to contribute in a small way to our local community. We have asked some other independent traders in our local community to contribute to this, the first of our quarterly newsletters – they like us have ‘village values’ and believe that the village matters!

Mountgrange Heritage Village Matters Newsletter Spring 2008

In 1864, Frederic, Lord Leighton, bought a plot of land in Holland Park and started to build himself a studio. These days we tend to think of artists’ studios as large white uber-cool spaces but Leighton’s influences came from the Middle East and he brought in Islamic craftsmen to create the most magnificent home.